Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Illuminati, The Freemasons, and a Jelly Sandwich

My dear girlfriend handed me a book last week since she thought it would peak my interest, which she was right. It did(don't tell her this, I said I hated it). But this is besides the point. It was a book on conspiracies ranging from Nazis, the Illuminati, the Freemason, Aliens and what not.

Written by the same D&D 3.5 co-author mind you.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind a nice brain teaser or an interesting story if you have one to tell, but don't try and wrap them up together and feed it to me in a fit of paranoia. That's the reason I normally don't get into much conpiracy bullshit because there is some paranoid NUT out there thinking up some connection between JFK's assassination and Abraham Lincoln's. It just doesn't seem to serve a purpose other than keeping your brain busy so the aliens can't lock in on your coordinates.

pre-Crazy Joaquin Phoenix stage

Back to my point. This book was actually put together rather interestingly. Not like many other conspiracy books I've thumbed through anyways. The pages has coffee mug stains on it from time to time an the bottom of the page was printed to make it seem as though water had been doused all along the bottom of the book and there were notes, headers and footers that we made to look like they were written in after the book was printed which I thought was a brilliant touch to an already strange book as it were. The first chapter I flip to after going straight to the index was about Nazis and how the United States as well as the Vatican actually helped most of the Reich scientists escape to South America as well as seek amnesty here in America. For what? Their secrets! DUN DUN DUN!

No. Fucking. Wonder.

Anyways, I guess the point of this post is to warn you. Do NOT get high and tell your girlfriend about shit you aren't interested in only to get high AGAIN and read the shit you aren't interested in only to find out that it's fucking interesting.

Until next time,

The Kraken


  1. Lol. Freemasonry......Illuminati...........ROTHCHILDS, BILDERBERGS, HALLIBURTON J P MORGAN........"Who uses the most drugs? Americans! What's in Afghanistan? Heroin!"

  2. I've read pretty much every conspiracy theory thanks to my last jobs downtime and easy internet access.

    If you get a chance to, check that book out. Seriously.

  3. I might check it out. Looks interesting.

  4. I like your blog, it's written in a similar "Cracked" style to mine.

    Will be following you.

  5. I had tried to get away from that so I'm trying to stick to a theme. Weird/odd things mixed with some random musings of personalization in a time of depression.

    But, thank you.

  6. interesting blog

    will be back

  7. Heard somewhere you needed more followers, well I'm here to support you! Make sure you're checking my blog and commenting and I ALWAYS return the favor.

    Keep up the great blog and I'm sure you'll get more followers soon!

  8. Thanks, man. I try to keep up with the people I follow as much as I can.